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In the freight and money market: especially after the absence of companies that used to secure the market needs up to 80%, there is a great need for a company with wide and credible relations to do this work, knowing that this market is estimated at about 16 billion dollars (9 billion entries and 7 billion exits) in 2021, so there is an actual possibility of capturing the largest proportion of the market, which translates into profits of tens of millions of dollars.

For the exchange company, the currency market in Lebanon is a booming market, especially for a first-class exchange company in the regular and "private" markets.As for the profits of this type of company, it is due to the currency difference or the providence of dollars for a certain fee.

In the gold freight market: which is a market that can form more than 4 shipments per month with hundreds of kilograms (entry and exit), especially after the great vacancy that occurs today at a time when this market is strengthening and its profits amount to millions of dollars.

The market for remittances and exchange in currencies abroad:Today it is an active market in the absence of banking work, which companies and individuals mainly rely on, and whose volume is also estimated at millions of dollars per day.The base has become somewhat ready through agreements with similar companies and money changers outside Lebanon, and this is a completely independent line.

The digital and crypto currency market, trading in it and using it in remittances: It is a very large and rising market also estimated at millions of dollars.



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